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Shaped AF

60-minute Full Body Colombian x Brazilian Lymphatic Sculpt

Our Signature Technique.  We've pioneered a revolutionary approach to body sculpting and detoxification by seamlessly integrating the best of Colombian Wood Therapy and Brazilian Lymphatic Techniques into a single, transformative experience. This unique fusion not only redefines industry standards but also elevates the art of wellness.

Choose Between our:

90-minute Full Body | $350 | Best
Members: $315

60-minute Full Body | $275 | Express
Members: $247.5

The Benefits of Both Brazilian Lymphatic and Colombian Wood Therapy

The fusion of Colombian wood therapy and Brazilian lymphatic drainage represents a holistic wellness journey that unfolds with a myriad of diverse and complementary benefits. Colombian wood therapy, deeply rooted in cultural tradition, excels in body contouring, helping to sculpt and tone various areas of the body, from the legs to the abdomen and beyond. Moreover, it is a potent ally in addressing cellulite, promoting the breakdown of fatty deposits beneath the skin. However, its benefits extend further; Colombian wood therapy is also known for stimulating blood circulation and promoting lymphatic drainage, which can aid in toxin removal and reducing fluid retention. All of these aspects contribute to a rejuvenated, more toned appearance and a sense of enhanced well-being.

On the other hand, Brazilian lymphatic drainage techniques have earned global recognition for their precision and effectiveness. Lymphatic massage operates as your body's natural waste management system, delivering a comprehensive internal detoxification and cleansing experience. Through strategic movements, Brazilian lymphatic drainage helps the body eliminate excess fluids that lead to improved lymphatic system function, reduced swelling, enhanced immune support, relaxation, pain relief, better skin health, detoxification, post-surgical recovery aid, relief from digestive issues, and general wellness promotion.

As these two techniques seamlessly come together, their combined impact is truly remarkable. Clients can anticipate not only a sculpted physique but also a comprehensive detoxification experience. This synergy encompasses enhanced circulation, reduced fluid retention, the effective breakdown of stubborn fat deposits, and precise cellulite reduction, resulting in a sculpted appearance that radiates vitality and health. Beyond the physical benefits, this holistic approach nurtures a profound sense of overall well-being, leaving individuals feeling renewed, revitalized, and fully prepared to embrace their most vibrant selves. 

Add Ons:
Co2 Coolift - $95
Fat Sculpt (one targeted area)  - $55
Skin Tightening (one targeted area)  - $55
Customized Professional Booty Mask - $45

*Add-on must be pre-scheduled to allow extra time to complete the service.

Disclaimer: Shaped AF - Our cosmetic treatments are designed to enhance the beauty, cleanliness, and overall appeal of your body and skin. Please note that these treatments are not intended to diagnose, cure, or treat any medical conditions or ailments. They are exclusively intended for cosmetic beautification purposes. While we are committed to delivering exceptional results, we cannot guarantee specific outcomes. The images used in our marketing and advertising materials feature real clients and showcase the results they have achieved. These images are not intended to imply that you/everyone will achieve the same results, as individual outcomes may vary due to differences in body types and personal circumstances. We encourage you to consult with our experienced professionals to discuss your goals and expectations before undergoing any treatment. Your safety, satisfaction, and well-being are our top priorities."

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60-minute Full Body Colombian x Brazilian Lymphatic Sculpt
60-minute Full Body Colombian x Brazilian Lymphatic Sculpt
60-minute Full Body Colombian x Brazilian Lymphatic Sculpt
60-minute Full Body Colombian x Brazilian Lymphatic Sculpt
60-minute Full Body Colombian x Brazilian Lymphatic Sculpt
60-minute Full Body Colombian x Brazilian Lymphatic Sculpt
60-minute Full Body Colombian x Brazilian Lymphatic Sculpt