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90-minute Full Body Colombian Wood Therapy

Colombian Wood Therapy

Colombian wood therapy, rooted in traditional practices, is a specialized technique that utilizes carefully crafted wooden tools. Known for its natural body contouring benefits, the therapy stimulates circulation, promotes lymphatic drainage, and reduces cellulite. The targeted application of wooden tools helps shape the body, while providing relaxation, relieving stress, and contributing to healthier skin. Colombian wood therapy is also used in post-surgery or injury recovery for localized healing.

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90-minute Full Body | $275 | Best
Members: $247.5

60-minute Full Body | $225 | Express
Members: $202.5

The Benefits of Our Colombian Wood Therapy.

Natural Body Contouring: Colombian wood therapy is renowned for its ability to assist in natural body contouring. The wooden tools are strategically applied to target specific areas, helping to shape and sculpt the body by breaking down localized fat deposits, reducing cellulite, and promoting toning.

Enhanced Circulation: Our techniques involved in Colombian wood therapy stimulate blood flow, promoting improved circulation throughout the body. Enhanced circulation supports the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to tissues, contributing to overall health.

Lymphatic Drainage: One of the key benefits is the facilitation of lymphatic drainage. The wooden tools are used to stimulate the lymphatic system, aiding in the removal of toxins and reducing fluid retention. This detoxifying effect can contribute to a healthier and more balanced body.

Cellulite Reduction: Colombian wood therapy helps with the reduction of cellulite. The targeted application of wooden tools breaks down fatty tissue, leading to a smoother appearance of the skin.

Relaxation and Stress Relief: Beyond its physical benefits, Colombian wood therapy provides a relaxing experience. The application of wooden tools on the body helps release tension, alleviate stress, and induce a sense of overall well-being.

Pain Management: The pressure applied during Colombian wood therapy can help relieve muscle tension, making it beneficial for those seeking relief from certain types of muscular discomfort or pain.

Skin Rejuvenation: The techniques employed in Colombian wood therapy help contribute to improved skin tone and texture. By stimulating collagen production and enhancing circulation, the treatment can result in healthier and more radiant-looking skin.

Localized Healing After Surgery or Injury: Colombian wood therapy is sometimes used as part of post-surgery or post-injury recovery. The gentle manipulation with wooden tools can aid in healing, reduce inflammation, and minimize scar tissue formation.

It's important to note that while many individuals report positive outcomes from Colombian wood therapy, individual responses can vary. As with any wellness practice, individuals should consult with a qualified healthcare professional or a licensed massage therapist before undergoing Colombian wood therapy, especially if they have underlying health conditions or concerns.

Add Ons:
Co2 Coolift - $95
Fat Sculpt (one targeted area)  - $55
Skin Tightening (one targeted area)  - $55
Customized Professional Booty Mask - $45

*Add-on must be pre-scheduled to allow extra time to complete the service.

Disclaimer: Shaped AF - Our cosmetic treatments are designed to enhance the beauty, cleanliness, and overall appeal of your body and skin. Please note that these treatments are not intended to diagnose, cure, or treat any medical conditions or ailments. They are exclusively intended for cosmetic beautification purposes. While we are committed to delivering exceptional results, we cannot guarantee specific outcomes. The images used in our marketing and advertising materials feature real clients and showcase the results they have achieved. These images are not intended to imply that you/everyone will achieve the same results, as individual outcomes may vary due to differences in body types and personal circumstances. We encourage you to consult with our experienced professionals to discuss your goals and expectations before undergoing any treatment. Your safety, satisfaction, and well-being are our top priorities."

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90-minute Full Body Colombian Wood Therapy
90-minute Full Body Colombian Wood Therapy
90-minute Full Body Colombian Wood Therapy
90-minute Full Body Colombian Wood Therapy
90-minute Full Body Colombian Wood Therapy
90-minute Full Body Colombian Wood Therapy
90-minute Full Body Colombian Wood Therapy